Vocational School

Educational Offer for School Year 2014 - 2015

9th Grade, Tourism and catering, 1 class

10th Grade, Tourism and catering, 1 class

The Curriculum for the 10th grade: click here.

The registration of candidates for 9th grade Vocational School lasting three years occurs during:

26th to 27th  May, 2014

27th to 28th  July, 2014

1st to 2nd  September, 2014


Graphic on conducting Phase I admission for Vocational School for 3 years, 9th  grade; click here.

Information on admission to Vocational School for 3 years (Class IX), stage I; more information here.

List of students enrolled in Vocational School for 3 years. More details here.

Vocational school for 3 years. Syllabus for sample selection in Romanian Language and Literature and Mathematics. More details and information here.

The registration of candidates for the 10th  grade Vocational training lasting two years occurs during:

1st to 31st  May 2014

11th to 25th  July 2014

27th to 31st  August 2014

The registration for admission in Vocational School lasting three years for the 8th grade student is based on the registration form issued by the Secondary school.

Benefits of Vocational School enrollment are:

1.Pupils enrolled in Vocational School are offered financial support of 200 RON, according to the National Social Protection Program "Professional Scholarshisp".

2.Practical training hours are conducted in school laboratories and at the headquarters of our partner stakeholders.

3.Certification Exams recognized at an European level

4.At the end of three years of Vocational School, students can continue their studies in high school evening classes at the Economic High School Arad.

5.During practice at the School Canteen, pupils are offered free meals.