The School Yearbook


A tradition has been formed, among schools in Arad, to record results, achievements, fulfilment of dreams, in a Yearbook, to stay over time.

We join this tradition with the thought that, as time passes, events and people are forgotten, dusted over mists of time, but compiled with care and effort, will remain to followers, as Grigore Ureche said centuries ago, "good and bad to be a lesson ... “.

Continuing the path of "Commercial School", founded in 1885, Economic High School Arad offers its students opportunities for high quality standards of education and training at a European level.

Educational success is ensured by implementing a quality management, through involving all educational partners, the teacher becoming a modern one, who does not only teach, dictate, but form habits and skills, competencies needed for a future personality, as Anatole France once said in “The garden of Epicurus”: "Do not take pride in teaching much knowledge. Only arouse curiosity. Focus on opening the minds, do not overload them. Put the spark in them. "

Our school aims to be a modern European school with a number of priorities and educational policies, in particular applying the principle of flexibility in the Curriculum, through a diverse educational offer (technician in economic activities, technician in administration, technician in tourism, technician in trade, technician in catering).

Another basic principle is the efficiency ensured by the use of modern teaching and learning methods, student-centred, practice-oriented learning activities achieved by the training firms in several projects: ECONET, TRAFA, in collaboration with KulturKontact, Austria.

We also intend to attract extra budgetary sources of funding for school equipment; improve counselling and career guidance for students and adults and develop a real partnership with parents.

Under these circumstances, we can say that our school is among the elite high schools in Arad, offering students an equal opportunity for the general knowledge and professional skills development, thus being a school of the future, in the European context.


Monica Baltaretu

The 2010-2011 Yearbook of the Economic High