The Linguistic Kangaroo Competition-French Section

“Linguistic Kangaroo Competition”- French Version

The story of this competition begins in 1980, when a teacher of mathematics from Sydney, Peter O. Holloran, had the inspired idea to create a new, educational game for his students. The respective game consisted of a set of multiple choice questions, checked with the help of a computer. Thousands of young people from all over the country had the possibility to take part in the contest. The game became highly successful and it was spread throughout Europe by the International Association “Kangourou sans Frontiers”, located in Paris. The competition has become widespread in North and South America in the past few years.

This educational game was first organized in Romania in 1992 by the County School Inspectorate of Sibiu. The competition has been organized by The Sigma Foundation for European Integration since 1980. The foundation has always collaborated closely with the Ministry of National Education, Sigma Publishing House, The French Embassy at Bucharest and The Romanian Society of Mathematical Sciences.

The Linguistic Kangaroo Contest had its debut in 2004. Its main objective was to promote and impel the study and the use of modern languages. The contest is designed for primary, elementary and high school students (3rd-12th grade), testing their language, culture and civilization skills but also their inspiration, intuition and creativity. In the beginning the linguistic contest had only two versions: French-Spanish and English-German. The organizers of the competition decided to make a few changes and thus they introduced the versions French-German and English, for the academic year 2013-2014.

The Linguistic Kangaroo – French Version is a traditional event in our school’s extra-curricular agenda. Every autumn, the student from all high school grades (9-12), compete against one another to prove their knowledge of French language and culture. The whole activity is organized and coordinated by misses Mîndru Doina (tenured teacher of French Language). The numerous participants and the high scores obtained by our students are a living proof of the popularity that this contest has among the students of Economic High School. This year’s competition was dedicated to the loved and highly esteemed French writer: Jules Renard.