Students Council

Students' Council – Join and Get Involve

Joining the Student Council is a fun way to get involved with your school. And it is a great way to make friends and meet new people. In order to be part of the students’ council a student can run for one of the available positions. During the campaign, the students are allowed to put up posters and make nomination speeches.

Students' Council - Positions

President - Supervises student body activities and runs council meetings.

Vice-President - Assists the president and fills in when the president is unavailable.

Secretary - Keeps accurate records of meetings and student body activity schedules.

Treasurer - Keeps track of student body funds.

Students' Council – Committees

Getting involved with any school committee is fun, but the Culture and Education committee is a total blast since students are involved in planning the biggest party of the year- The Freshmen’s Ball.  But before you start partying, students have to get down to business, from balancing the budget to choosing a decorative theme.



Students' Council - Create Your Resume

If you are passionate about politics, focused on a career in the government or just want to help make a difference, then get involved. It will look great on your college application and resume, and show your future employers that you can take initiative, whether it is improving the cafeteria food or buying more balls for P.E. classes.