School Vision and Mission


The vision of Economic Highschool Arad, a school of the XXI century, aims at training and developing the creative and divergent thinking in different situations using concrete knowledge and skills, motivation and willingness to respond positively to changes, taking democratic values ââand positive attitudes towards oneself and others, attitudes arising essentially from the value of human dignity. We emphasize in this case, the respect for cultural and linguistic diversity, the preservation and the development of the national and European cultural heritage, the combat of social exclusion and discrimination and the social progress.

Understanding the fact that respect for human dignity and the effectiveness of fundamental rights and freedoms depend not only on their legal protection, but also promoting them through education, training and information, teaching staff of our school always sought to familiarize students with democratic practices and encourage them to actively participate in school and community life, in order to form and develop the skills needed in a successful European society.

Each of our extracurricular activities or projects undertaken in the above projects (both teacher training for professional development and transnational projects between schools and institutions) followed and contributed to the formation of attitudes in students and staff teaching from which it results the fact that human dignity does not depend on nationality, color, sex, age, social status, health status, diagnosis, etc.. All these projects have promoted dialogue and multinational cooperation and diversifying language learning in our schools.

As the right to dignity and justice in the broadest sense of the term, including that of justice and social justice to be a sustainable construction, it was necessary, and also taking into account, the spiritual dimension of human rights, as well as developing respect for common values ââunderlying fundamental human rights assembly.

Therefore, the spiritual dimension of human rights was intrinsically any curricular or extracurricular educational approach developed in our college, always correlating with each human individual freedom and responsibility, individual identity and social solidarity, universal values circuit ââand the Romanian specific in the perception and integration of human rights.

Translated by Raluca Balas