School History


Economic Highschool of Arad is a prestigious educational institution in the western part of the country, with outstanding results over time both in preparing students in different trades and in the training and educating the students. Founded in 1885 by the Minister of Education in Budapest, the capital city of the eastern part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, it began its operations on September 28th, with the name of "Commercial Highschool". The language teaching has been Hungarian up to the Great Union of 1918, and in 1922 the Romanian section was founded too at “The Commerce School for Boys" and “The Commerce School for Girls" Arad, initially only the 1st class, maintaining at the same time classes of teaching in the languages ââof other nationalities from Banat and Crisana.


This school was located on the current Lucian Blaga Street; only between 1889 and 1894 it was built the current school building at no. 2George Enescu Square. During the school year 1930-1931 there is a significant change in the current school building: in November 12th, 1930 the Committee of the Commercial Highschool bought the building from the Merchants Corporation from Arad, by paying 1.500.000 lei, becoming the property of the Parents’ Committee.



In its 124 years of existence, the name of this institution of education has changed according to the political regime and the evolution of the education system in Romania as follows:

1885- The Commercial Highschool of Arad  

1886- The Commercial Academy of Arad

1900- the Superior Commercial School of Arad

1937- The Commercial Highschool for Boys of Arad

1948- The Secondary Technological School Of Economic Administration

1950- The Secondary Technological Commerce School for Boys of Arad

1955- The Secondary Technological Trading School

1966- The Economic Highschool of Arad

1974- The Catering and Industrial Highschool - The Commercial Vocational School;

1977- The Administrative Law and Economic Highschool of Arad;

1994- The Administrative-Economic Vocational School

In 19th of September 2000 it became the Economic Highschool of Arad (Law no.4565/2000 of the Ministry of National Education)

School Management

The prestige of this educational institution was maintained because of the teachers who have worked over time in this school and because of the pupils who have taken me and are still taking  this institution through outstanding academic results, but also by building their career after graduating Economic Highschool of Arad. Since 1885, numerous Principals and Vice-Principals have followed at the educational management of this institution, by contributing to the prestige of this school in Arad.


1885-till now

Ludovic Abrai 1885-1910

Vasile Suciu 1922-1956

Emil Văcăreanu 1956-1961

Eugen Tudor 1961-1964

Iuliu Achim 1964-1968

Ana Popa 1966-1975

Ana Gabor 1975-1977

Ana Gabor 1982-1986

Doina Buda 1986-1993

Daniel Bălan 1993-1997

Silvius Cureteanu 1997-2002

Daniel Bălan 2002-2006

Monica Băltărețu 2006-till now


1940-till now

Teodor Selagian 1940-1942

Ilie Ardelean 1942-1948

Traian Deac 1956-1961

Iuliu Achim 1961-1964

Ana Gabor 1964-1975


Ioan Riviș 1982-1986

Cornelia Cenan 1990-1991

Emanoil Katz 1990-1991

Florica Vlasiu 1991-1994

Livia Condea 1994-1998

Monica Băltărețu 1998-2006

Sorina Fabri 2000-2003

Viorica Å¢ărău 02.07.- 02.12.2003

Livia Condea 2006-2008

Mircea Cismaș 2008-01.02.2014

Liliana Necula 01.02.2014 – till now


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Translated by Vadasan Adriana