School Facilities

The Economic Highschool of  Arad has:

- 22 classrooms, eight laboratories, a gym, 4 workshops and 11 offices. All 22 classrooms are equipped with modern furniture.


The Chemistry Lab is furnished with modern furniture, installation of gas and water;

The Physics lab, well equipped and there is a constant concern for its modernization;

The Biology Lab, equipped with modern furniture and teaching materials;

The "Study of Products and Services’ Quality" is weaker equipped with teaching material, with no funds for its modernization.

Two modern computer labs equipped with 55 computers connected to the Internet.

Two modern laboratories for "The Training firm" with 40 computers connected to the Internet.

The school has managed to purchase projectors, laptops, educational software to enable a modern teaching approach.



Study Rooms for: Religion, History, Mathematics, Geography, Tourism, Romanian, Modern Languages, Medical, Pedagogical Counseling Office.

The School workshops are for: kitchen, cafeteria, serving consumers and trade equipment.

For students there is also a library and a dining room with 60 seats.

The gym is located in an inappropriate space, the basement has a small area, but it is equipped with all the necessary facilities.

In the recent years there have been major changes, by the contribution of the entire teaching staff, the auxiliary staff and the Parents' Representative Committee, which determined the choice of the Economic Highschool of Arad in 2008 and 2013 as the host of the National Interdisciplinary Olympics - service profile.


School Yard