Prague 2014


Between the 17th and 19th of March 2014, Prague hosted the International Fair of Training Firms “ANTRE”. Our school was successfully represented by the students Crețu Bogdan, Crișan Doris, Cucuruzac Elisa, Szarvas Doriana, Lăzărescu Georgian, Goia Andrei, Olariu Liviu, Moraru Alina and Tripon Raluca, accompanied by their coordinating teachers Stoiadin Gabriela and Stoi Mariana. The event consisted in the following competitions:

1.Professional Stand

2.The Best Merchandise Catalogue

3.My Country in Three Minutes- documentaries produced by students (the documentaries will be available on YouTube)

4.The Electronic Presentation of Training Firms

5.Best Training Firm- chosen on the basis of the sum total of its score

There were also organized the following off-contest presentations”

1.Cultural Program- our students presented a series of folk dances specific for the Arad region

2.The Presentation of the Training Firm in the English Language.