International School Projects

International  Projects

1.EGS (ENERGY, EDUCATION, GOVERNANCE, SCHOOLS), IEE/09/912/SI2.558315, 01.09.2008-31.02.2011

2.SHEEP (A Schools Panel for High Energy Efficiency Products) IEE/07/710/SI2.499412, 01.06.2010 - 31.06.2013

3.Play Energy

4.ECONET-From school to life through Training Firm, September 2003 to present

5.ECONET-TRAFA, 2007-2009

6.Leonardo da Vinci: European Partnerships to improve quality in Romanian education and Vocational training, LLP-LdV/VETPRO/2008/RO/079, 04.05.2009-17.05.2009

7.Leonardo da Vinci project "Inclusive Education in TVET" LLP-LDV-VETPRO2008-EN-232, Finland, 23.03.2009-29.03.2009

8.Leonardo da Vinci: "Agency Tour" LLP-LdV/IVET/09/RO/075: 2009-2011

9.Leonardo da Vinci: "CARTUR" LLP-LdV/PLM/RO/2010/173

10.Leonardo da Vinci: "Experience in Tourism" LLP-LdV/VETPRO/2011/RO/155

11.Comenius Project, UK-2009-838-001, 20.07.2009-30.07.2009

12.Comenius VP-09-C-157-AR-NL - preparatory visit

13.SPRING DAY, annually, since 2003, in March-April

14.Intercultural Exchanges, Romania-Switzerland

15.Intercultural Exchanges, Romania-Hungary

16.Francophone International Theatre Festival "Amifran" October, 24th  to 30th, 2007,2008

17.“Kangaroo Contest” - international competition

18.Global English Contest

Translated by Sfasie Simona