High School

Educational Offer for School Year 2014 - 2015


1. Technician in Economic activities- 2 classes

2.Technician in Economic activities, intensive English-2 classes

This specialization is suitable, if you are interested in:

-Organizing the accountancy of a firm;

-Preparing financial and statistical statements;

-Using the company balance sheets properly;

-Identifying the best sources of funding for the company;

-Using specific Marketing business strategies;

-Being a good negotiator in business;

This qualification enables graduates to be suitable for positions such as: accountant, human resources specialist, salesman, financial agent, insurance agent.

3.Technician in Gastronomy- 1 class

This is a professional qualification that combines complex activities, such as:

-Cooking dishes;

-Making up a menu;

-Services organization;

-Ensuring qualitative culinary products;

-Implementing marketing strategies;

-Performing serving activities;

-Using negotiation strategies;

This qualification enables graduates to be suitable for positions such as : Food technologist,  Food production quality inspector, Master in culinary arts, Waiter.

4.Techniciam in Tourism, intensive English- 1 class

This specialization is suitable, if :

-you want to know the types of travel agencies;

-you want to know how a travel agency works;

-you want to learn the technical operations in a travel agency;

-you want to master promoting techniques;

-you have the ability to conduct public relations and protocol;

-you can communicate in foreign languages ââto tourists and customers from other countries;

-you want to learn how to negotiate the sale of travel products and services;

This qualification enables graduates to be suitable for the following jobs: hotel worker, travel agent, receptionist, tourist information office worker.

Last admission grade in school year 2013-2014

Economic Profile-7.96

Trade Profile-7.83

Tourism Profile 7.90

Translated by Raluca Balas