First Year Students’ Ball

The First Year Students’ Ball

The First Year Students’ Ball is more than a simple welcoming party. It is a competition within which each contestant wants to go home with the big prize (a one week skiing trip to Switzerland, offered by the headmaster of Jean Piaget High School in Neuchatel). The Ball may seem a common, easy to organize event but it is not as such.

The difficult task of organizing the event belongs to the 11th grade students, their class tutors and to our Educational Counsellor. The organizing committee has to choose a theme for the Ball (the 2013 edition was based on the glamorous atmosphere of the Roaring Twenties and the dazzling world of Jay Gatsby), the competition tests (which have to be funny, witty, challenging and original), the member of the jury and the prizes and titles to be awarded.  

The First Year Students’ Ball or The Freshmen’s Ball if you want, has undergone major changes lately. If at its origins was just a simple party which started with the presentation of the contestants and ended with a relatively modest after party, the Ball has turned into a real show with fashion presentations, dancing and singing episodes, challenging tests for the contestants and glamorous outfits. Thus, the more complex the Ball is, the more stressed the organizers are.  

At the end of the show the contestants who have managed to impress the jury due to their performance throughout the entire show are declared Miss and Mister “Boboc” (or King and Queen of the Ball). The winners of the 2013 edition were Florina Iova (9th grade A) and Silviu Ban (9th grade E).