European School


As a logical consequence of its excellence in the educational domain, the Economic High School of Arad obtained, during the 9th edition of the “European School” national competition, organized by M.E.C.T.S., a result equal to 160 points. The competition was a very tough one, since our high school had to “fight” for the status of European School” with other 110 lower educational institutions from other 37 counties and from the city of Bucharest.

The Economic High School of Arad proved its belonging to the enlarged European family, through the participation of our school representatives at the “European School Gala”, which took place in Montecatoni, Italy, between the 2nd and the 4th of May 2013. The event was attended by the representatives of 105 schools located throughout Europe, all winners of “The European School Competition. 



“I had a feeling of satisfaction and pride when the flag of the Economic High School of Arad waved among the ones belonging to schools from other thirty European countries. It was an important moment for our school, during which our community (students, teachers and parents) received international recognition. I congratulate the members of our school community and I offer them all my appreciation”, told us our head teacher Monica Băltărețu, who together with our education counselor Dorina Dănilă, represented our school at this special event organized by the European Commission.

Certifying a school with the title of “European School”, means offering them recognition and prestige among other the educational communities. The efforts that these schools make in order to keep the certification leads to an increased interest in the development of new projects, which in its turn determines the improvement of the school management and the development of a solid organizational culture.  The “European School” certificate is valid for a period of three years. When the certification expires, the respective institution of education has to enter the competition again to reconfirm its title.

The activities, projects and programs that are taken into consideration for this competition and those organized and approved by the European Commission, the European Parliament and other European institutions (Lifelong Learning Programme, eTwinning, Euroscola, Juvenes Translatores, Europe-Our Home, European Leader), as well as those in partnership with embassies, European Union schools and universities, European companies, European professional organizations, NGOs which have an educational or professional training objective, are active at an European level and receive funding from structural funds. 

The competition has the following objectives: to recognize the role which the Romanian schools had and still have in supporting the efforts done by Romania to integrate itself in the European Union, to promote a positive image of our country and of its educational system, to support the lifelong learning concept within the pre-university education system, to promote performance, innovation and the European dimension within the educational system and teaching practices, to stimulate the cooperation between the Romanian schools and other European educational institutions, in order to ensure quality in education, to promote a school management focused on the development of the European dimension of education, to promote positive experience for the schools involved in the projects financed through communitarian projects.

Competence, performance and professionalism are the main aspects which offer an overview on the achievements and the real potential of the Economic High School of Arad, which offers the guarantee for success.  Our school has managed to integrate itself in the European dimension of a modern system of education, open to innovation, and thus being promoted on a county, national and international level, through the exceptional results obtained by our students at various national contests and exams, as well as through the coordination of Leonardo da Vinci and Comenius projects.

Translated by Raluca Balas