ProColegium Association Arad is an accredited ECDL test centre.

ECDL (European Computer Driving License) is the most widespread standard for the certification of computer usage skills, recognized at an international level. The ECDL license is used and recognized in 150 countries by reputable companies in administration or prestigious educational institutions. Outside Europe, the program is called International Computer Driving License (ICDL).

The Validity Of ECDL License

ECDL license obtained in Romania is valid in any of the 150 countries around the world in recognized standard ECDL/ICDLECDL license does not limit the validity in time, digital powers being certified for life, in accordance with the curricula for each module, in force at the time of taking the examination.

To whom shall the ECDL Certification is addressed?

ECDL Certification is aimed at anyone who needs and wants to certify to the internationally recognized standard for use of computer skills. There is no age limit for inclusion in the programme of the ECDL Certification. Young people, pupils, students, civil servants or employees of the companies can prove IT through skills training and certifications


1.Students holding the ECDL License may equate proof of digital Expertise within the National Baccalaureate exam. In order to obtain the ECDL License, the syllabus corresponds to the matter on which high school students take it during office hours from the school's ICT for classes IX and X.Thus, the pupils can prepare even during school hours to obtain certification with international recognition.

2.Having already the ECDL License, students can apply to the 12th grade equivalence of digital competencies of baccalaureate

3.ECDL opens new opportunities to get a scholarship abroad

4.Students may equate computer science courses or various Office Automation with the ECDL Licence to certain universities.